Unveiling Moira, Goa’s Hidden Gem

When you come to Goa, all roads lead to Moira. This idyllic village has it all — culture, culinary delights, cool backwaters, shopping and so much more. Here are our top 5 recommendations to indulge in…

Visit the magnificent Moira Church
This imposing landmark in Moira — which is a focal point of the community’s cultural and spiritual life is an architectural masterpiece. Come here to appreciate its lustrous white facade — which looks beautiful against a cobalt blue sky. Inside, the church interiors are mesmerising.

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Explore Moira’s backwaters
Enjoy Moira’s scenic beauty as you kayak through its serene backwaters. If you are a
creative professional, you will find a lot of inspiration around you. From tasteful home exteriors to carpentry workshops, temples and churches to river fishing and bird watching — nature, art and culture collide here.

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Shop at the Moira Market
If you want to truly get a taste of Moira’s local culture and it’s unique creativity, Moira Market is where you should experience it. Bustling with local handicrafts and handcrafted items like textiles, pottery, shop for local jewellery made from silver and brass, browse through beautiful collectible antiques. Stock up on fresh produce like local bananas, papayas, a range of spices and more.

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Take a heritage walk through Moira
The best way to immerse yourself in the rich cultural and architectural heritage of the region is by seeing the place on foot. As you walk through the village, you will see homes painted in bright colours with intricately designed balconies and verandahs. Every lane, path and way in Moira will transport you back in time.

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Live in your dream home in Moira
We hope these recommendations inspire you to visit Moira on your next trip to Goa. While you’re here, don’t forget to come see The Chapter’s luxury villas in Moira with a private pool. Our homes offer the perfect blend of modern-day luxuries with charming Goan aesthetic, and a lifestyle that stands apart.

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