Exploring Goa’s Real Estate Market: Trends And Insights For You 

Real estate opportunities in Goa are burgeoning, now more than even before. Long admired for its beautiful beaches, tranquil areas tucked away in nature, vibrant culture and laid-back “susegad” lifestyle, we focus on the new trends and insights that are making Goa the real estate hotspot of the moment.

The new Mopa airport 

With the new Mopa airport up and running, connectivity has improved on a grand scale, establishing Goa as a leading luxury holiday destination in the country. This development has a multiplier effect on real estate, particularly in North Goa. Owning a second home in areas like Moira, Siolim, or Mapusa is now an attractive option, with the Mopa airport located within a 30-minute drive. According to our research, total investments in hospitality and real estate near the Mopa airport region are projected to exceed 2500 crore by 2030.

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The work-from-anywhere trend 

In the post-pandemic world, many individuals are choosing Goa not only for holiday homes but also as their primary residence. People seek less crowded, idyllic, and tranquil locations, away from the hustle and bustle of urban jungles. The flexibility of working from anywhere has made the dream of living in Goa a reality, contributing to this shift towards a hybrid work culture.

The consumer checklist 

North Goa is highly sought after as a location for a holiday home, offering various options for secluded yet well-connected oases of peace. High Net Individuals and non-residential Indians prioritise convenience and unique experiences, leaning towards developers who can offer everything from concierge services to experiential living. The Chapter strives to exceed these expectations, going above and beyond what the competition has to offer.

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The technology boom 

Technology advancements are significantly impacting the real estate industry in Goa. Buyers can now enjoy virtual viewings and have access to a range of digital tools while searching for their ideal dream home. At The Chapter we have developed an intuitive tool that empowers homebuyers, allowing them to experience what their future home will look like even before construction begins. Try it out for our first real estate project located in Moira, Goa.

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