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We love everything about Goa, from its stunning beaches, delectable cuisine, breathtaking sunsets to its charming culture and serene locations nestled in nature, Goa has so much to offer.
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At The Chapter, we are always getting inspired by design and style around us. Here are our 8 design styles that are on our radar, and hearts, this season. Japanordic, Modern Farmhouse, Modern Mid- Century, Transitional, Eclectic, Modern Minimal etc.
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< 1 min We are thrilled to announce that The Chapter has been featured in the prestigious pages of Robb Report magazine. This blog post highlights the exclusive article in Robb Report, delving into the details that make The Chapter a

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3 min The Chapter is here to change the way you live with unique-to-you luxury homes in Goa located tucked away and surrounded by nature with a private pool, sprawling gardens, modern amenities, charming architecture and stunning views — isn’t this

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3 min There’s no place like the beach. And there’s no bigger luxury when it’s in the backyard of your home. If you are looking for the best kind of luxury home in Goa, go where you can hear the waves

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4 min Things have changed. When it comes to buying a luxury home, location, luxury and experience have taken precedence over other criteria. Especially when it’s a location like Goa, and luxury and experience like we are offering. Today, we have

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3 min Beautiful in location, modern in design and unique in experience — The Chapter‘s first volume of luxury villas in North Goa have a story of their own, and it’s a new narrative of effortless luxury and a lifestyle that

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