Beach Lovers, The Sandy Roads Lead To The Chapter’s Luxury Homes In Goa

There’s no place like the beach. And there’s no bigger luxury when it’s in the backyard of your home.

If you are looking for the best kind of luxury home in Goa, go where you can hear the waves ebb and flow in the distance. Where you can feel the ocean breeze. Where the homes are designed to be resort-style, and the comforts include you sitting out in your balcony with picture-perfect sea views from sunrise to sunset.

A palm-tree state of mind

Why move to Goa? The answer’s easy — to live better, and to be closer to the beach, of course! Imagine instead of hearing the noise of traffic sitting in a high-rise tower, you’re enjoying the sound of palm trees swaying in the wind from the comfort of your poolside sundeck. Or replacing your morning jogging route dodging swarms of people, vehicles and pot holes with soft sandy paths dotted by nature on all sides. When you buy a luxury home with The Chapter, that’s what you can expect — the good life.

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Beach, please!

Goa may be relatively small in size compared to cities like Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore. But it has some of the most picturesque and untouched beaches in the country, with over 100 kms of coastline. We love the North of Goa, where you’ll find the more popular beaches — where shacks serve some of the most delicious curries, and by night they turn into party destinations. Some of our personal favourite spots include:

Querim Beach! Located in the north most region of Goa, this is known for its peace, calm and serenity. A perfect beach for sunbathers. The white sand beach is a great option for those looking to do nothing but rejuvenate and relax. It’s secluded, and a great escape from the tourist bustle. It’s also a great beach for fishing activities, and you’ll find a great plate of fish fry, vindaloo or sorpotel here.

Mandrem! This well-known beach in North Goa is famous for its white sands, lines of palm trees, and surfing activities. The water is warm, so a day out under the sun on your surf board, whether you’re learning or are an expert is the ideal way to spend your time here. If surfing isn’t up your sleeve, you can even learn how to use a paddle board or wake board.

Chapora Bay! This North Goa hotspot has beauty, history and whales! Its white sands and tall coconut trees adds to its charm, and along its stunning expanse you will find a Portuguese landmark — the Chapora Fort. You can enjoy your time at a beach shack, indulge in water sports, or learn about dolphin species like the Indian Ocean Humpback — and go on a sighting experience, which starts at the mouth of the Chapora river. The more populated Morjim beach is located about half a km from this beach.

Ashwem! Go to this peace-and-yoga-loving North Goa beach to practice that asana you’ve been trying to perfect for so long. This is where wellness and waves collide. Here you can spend your mornings meditating, and your nights swaying to the tunes of jazz.

Finally, once you’re all beach-ed out, head back to the comfortable embrace of your luxury villa for sale in Moira, Goa.

Luxury Homes in Goa by The Chapter - Beach View

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